Emanuel Galea- trois bougies


As a little boy, Emmanuel Galéa had two dreams: the haute couture and fragrances. At the end of the day, he becomes a stylist. Emmanuel Galéa is a multi-disciplinary designer with a passion for all forms of art. His greatest olfactory memory, it always associated places, people and events of his life to odors. From the world of Parisian couture, he could quickly handle the finest materials and the rarest. The creative process often involves music, for Emmanuel it is the scents that will guide his inspiration, the ship in a dreamlike journey where his creations will emanate from.
After having close contact with many craftsmen in the world of fragrances, it was natural that he decided to launch his own line of home fragrances: "Emmanuel Galéa Paris."He then had the idea to recreate every vivid memory of his life fragrance, footprint odor to replace words or images. It may be a place, an impression, a meeting, or even the characters he would like to work with. Always with a desire to renew the current olfactory landscape by making choices of fragrances which may be less consensual and thus more creative.Both together united form an absolute, at the service of aesthetic calligraphy adorning each of the creations of the brand. Each candle, presented in a heavy glass, delicately printed in matte black, carries a name which is adorned by a letter of a lyrical theme. The A stands for Amarum Dulcis, a soothing and sweet memory of a walk in southern Italy, the F for Fylingdales, a powdered and flowery memory of a trip in the typical region of England in the 19th century, the S stands for Sacristia, a powerful amber memory of a few hours spent in the tranquility of a church in Spain.

It took over 2 years for the maison "Emmanuel Galéa Paris" to develop its first 3 scented candles, for the sake of perfection and luxury. 3 candles, 3 different sensual experiences, 3 distinct and fascinating trips. More than a candle, it is a part of the universe of a designer, obsessed with the scents, the flame will reveal, the promise of a rare experience.